November 25, 2008

Turkey Sandwiches

Hi everyone,

I am anticipating turkey sandwiches. I love the leftover turkey and I love turkey sandwiches. My favorite is a nice whole wheat bread, mayonnaise, turkey and cranberry sauce. mmmmmmm I could start drooling!

I have two turkeys at home. I have a 12 pound turkey thawing in the refrigerator and a 20 pounder in the freezer. We are having dinner on Thanksgiving day at Hubby's mom's house...these turkeys are for us. I will cook the small turkey over the weekend. And I will eat turkey sandwiches.
Cranberry sauce is also a big favorite. We make the fresh sauce with whole berries. It is so easy and quick, we have given up the canned stuff. It's so much fun to make and watch the berries pop.

So, what's your favorite leftover at Thanksgiving? Do you love sandwiches like me? Do you put cheese or cream cheese on them? Or do you skip turkey and cranberries altogether?
It's my bedtime, so I will head off to dream about turkey sandwiches!


  1. Now we don't celebrate Thanksgiving so there won't be any leftover turkey for me. But I love to shred the white meat to use in my "vegetable" (not so vegetarian anymore) soup along with some curry powder. Yum! If I'd have any freezer room I'd buy some now before christmas while it's cheap and have a turkey dinner. Oh well.. I'm hoping for Turkey for Christmas this year! ;)


  2. Ohhh, leftover turkey sandwiches are my favorite!! Just like you, Puglette! I like some nice fresh bread (my mom always makes homemade bread in her bread machine), lots of mayo, and turkey! Plain and DELICIOUS! :)

  3. hi puglette!
    all we can say is... YUM!
    m & e

  4. My Mommy loves left over Thanksgiving! I love left over turkey too! WOOT!
    Happy Early Thanksgiving!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  5. Hi! great idea! we have our thanksgiving lunch today and there will be turkey, french bread and cranberry sauce, among other things. I went yesterday to the peruvian store and got mayonaise and forgot it here at work, so I guess my lunch today will be one of your sandwiches!!

  6. Mom's favorite is memere's home made meat stuffing. YUMMY! Not that we get any!


  7. If all I have to eat leftover is turkey for sandwiches, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes, I am one happy camper.

    Oh, I love your crocheted cranberry sauce.


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