November 17, 2008

Retail Therapy

Hi everyone!
This was the first day of my last full week at my current job. I have had a few leads and hopefully will find something soon. I did apply for unemployment benefits and while they aren't my full salary, it does help.

I received a new swap item today! I got my hedgehog and he came with a little mushroom for company. He is so cute, both are made of felt and hand sewn. I just love him! My daughter will be so jealous of the cute mushroom...but it's mine! Ha!

Dear Daughter came up last Thursday and we had lunch together. She always cheers me up. We went to Michael's craft store and she shopped for some of her swap items. She likes the more artistic, paper crafts. I am hoping she will make some patterns for me soon. We have talked about this and she can draw and I will sew the stuffies.

Daughter brought me a lovely surprise when she visited, some new yarn! What a thoughtful girl she is, it's so heart warming to see your kids grow into kind and generous adults. Here is what she brought, some pink and green bamboo yarn and some pink and red hand dyed alpaca yarn. She also brought a skein of cotton yarn in a pretty pink, orange and yellow mix. I have used that already. ;o)

After that treat from Daughter, I treated myself to more new yarn! Look at these wonderful colors! The light pink and white yarn will be a pair of fingerless gloves for daughter. The huge skein in browns and blues will be for Christmas gifts. The huge pink, yellow and purple skein is for me! That same day, I checked the mailbox and was surprised to receive a yarn swap! Four skeins of wool yarn in a beautiful green. This swap was for a hat pattern and the yarn to make it.

The yarn I bought came from a wonderful yarn shop near my home. Yorkshire Yarns is a fabulous place. So warm and comforting inside. There are of course, hundreds of skeins of the softest yarn you have ever squeezed. And they have several tables and chairs set up for holding small classes. There is also room with two comfy sofas ready for curling up on and knitting or crocheting. There is even a yorkie doggie running round! The staff were so kind and helpful the day I visited.

That photo doesn't do this store justice. The lighting is more mellow and warm. It really feels like you are visiting someones home and they just happen to have a ton of yarn! Those two big skeins were quite a bargain. They are nice and soft and the size of a small pillow. For $11.25 they are the equivalent of three regular skeins. I love to just pet them and squeeze them. :o) I can't wait to start using them!

Today's Etsy shop is The Tiny Fig. This shop has a lot of "kawaii" or cute items. I have learned that kawaii means cute in Japanese. These items are very popular today and a lot of the amigurumi I have been making are kawaii type items. Please take a look around at the cute items, earrings, hair pins, stickers and more!

So last night Roxy had chicken and rice too. Tonight's spaghetti night for hubby and me...what about you?



  1. I think I'll be having Norwegian fish balls tonight.. Perhaps I'll put it in the blog later! I love your yarn shop(ping)..!


  2. hi puglette!
    oh i love reading about your daughter and the nice time you had! your new yarn and swap items are wonderful!
    what a great way to start my day!

  3. I'm so glad you got some quality time with your daughter. My mom is my best friend- I can definitely relate to that special bond! The yarn is beautiful!

    Hugs, Pearl's Momma

  4. We are on a budget week so tonight we having pasta with canned peas and bacon for dinner. That's "Italian" comfort food from when Man-Dad was a little boy. We bet that Madison will love the smell of the bacon! Those yarns are gorgeous. You know, H-Mom has 8 skeins of gorgeous blue heather yarn to knit a little shrug for the teen-human and she has never done it. Maybe you have inspired her to dig out this project and get it done!

  5. Love the hedgehog & mushroom! :) Super cute!

    Tonight? For dinner? Gosh, I'm not sure. I think I'll sautue up some chicken and mushrooms with a white wine reduction over rice.

  6. Hi! Madison was called "yellow girl" because she was the baby that had a yellow ribbon around her neck at the breeder. Her brother was "blue boy." Cynthia, the breeder, doesn't like to give them names because she knows that their forever families will be naming them ... we got to choose her first ever and only ever name. It just had to start with a "G" because she is from the "G" litter.

  7. We had spaghetti with sausage in the sauce. That is too funny. Glad you had a good time with delightful daughter. She sounds like a wonderful person. Hope your leads lead you to something good.



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