November 10, 2008

Gotcha Charlie!

Hi Everyone!
I forgot to post about Charlie's "Gotcha Day"! What a bad puggy mom!

We picked up our little Charlie girl on October 26, 2007. She was so cute! We immediately went to a family birthday party. She was so good, there were a lot of people at the party and Charlie just ran around and visited everyone. Of course, she was the hit of the party!

After we lost our little Daisy, we had a huge hole in our hearts. A pug shaped hole. We now knew more about pugs and their health issues and started to look for a breeder. We investigated, learned and looked at everything pug. We talked to people that would only show us their puppies in parking lots...not a good idea. We saw some cute babies but decided to go to a reputable breeder and hopefully we could bring home a healthy happy pug puppy.

We eventually found the breeder we purchased Charlie from. Sulen's Precious Pugs in Olympia, WA is a great breeder. Suzanne is nice, knowledgeable, and open to visitors. We visited her in her home and met with her and her family of pugs, all seven of them! For a house with all those pugs and a cat, two doberman pincers, four sons and her mother, the house was clean and tidy. She knew all about pugs and breeding dogs. We had found a list of good breeder habits and she met every item on the list.

Suzanne did not have any litters due with her puggys but she had first pick from a litter fathered by one of her dogs. We decided to take her first pick and we put our money down on a baby, sight unseen! We did not have to wait for long, the family that had the puppies did not want to keep them until they were 12 weeks old and shipped our puppy to Suzanne at nine weeks. We were so excited because we got to visit with our new puppy!!

Wasn't she just the cutest little baby!? We fell in love the first time we saw this fat little baby. She was so cute, fat and roly poly. It was so difficult to wait three more weeks before we could take our puppy home. We visited every few days and got to know our baby. Suzanne was kind enough to let us bring family over to see the puppy. On one of these visits we brought Dear Daughter and talked about names. We wanted something different but cute. Daughter and Hubby talked about a name for a black dog...they came up with Char. I didn't really like Char but came up with Charlie. That was it! She had a name, Charlie!! Her official fancy dog name is Pennylane and Sulen's Olympic Char. Schmancy!

And now here we are, with a fancy puppy that is the light of our lives. She is so personable, has a perfect pug stance and is a little stinker! Charlie really thinks the world revolves around her and we have done nothing to change her perception. She makes everyone she meets happy.

Today's Etsy store is GMI Studio. There are some beautiful bags and hand made boxes for sale at GMI Studio. I love these two blue and brown bags!! The fabric is beautiful.

This cute pink box is so sweet, look at the cute birds on the inside.

I am off to finish cooking dinner! Pork chops, broccoli (I'll save you some Roxy!) and ugh rotten potatoes. Yummy!


  1. baby Charlie is such a cutie! you did a great work doing all the research before getting her.
    she is a champion!

  2. Happy late Gotcha Day, Charlie! Momma got teared up reading about how your family came to fall in love with you. She is such a sap when it comes to us pups! Congratulations on finding your furever home!

    And if your Mom could spare some time to ship some pork chops to Oklahoma, they sound reeeeaaallly good!

  3. hi puglette!
    what a great post! i love hearing about how you got charlie! what a cutie patootie!

    i always love to see your etsy finds. what a great way to start my day!

    m & e

  4. What a great Gotcha Day story!

  5. hi, thanks for blogging about me and my bags!!
    have a good day !!!

  6. Charlie is absolutly adorable and so delightful looking in the photos. :) Wonderful hearing about how you got her!

  7. We love the pink box, the inside is so pretty!

  8. What a great story about Charlie. And what great photos. Thanks for telling it. Thanks also for the broccoli. Mom is going to look at the jewelry store. Those earrings are pretty.


  9. Those pics are adorable, we love black pugs !


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