November 12, 2008

Quick Post

Hi Everyone,

Today's Etsy store is Tidbits and Bits. This shop has some cute fiber art items for sale. There is even a felted kitty bed...or maybe a small pug.

Here is a cute cell phone pocket.

How stylish is this funky water bottle holder? You would definitely know which bottle was yours!

Sorry, just a short post tonight. I got laid off today. I have worked in this mortgage company for seven and a half years. I am sad and crabby. Tomorrow will be a better day.





  1. Puglette Momma,
    I am heartbroken to hear about your job. The economy is putting so many people in this situation right now, and it's causing so much hardship. I wish I could give you some licks to make this get better, but I know Puglette is taking good care of you. Keep your chin up- things will get better! They always do!

    Supportive Snorts,

  2. I checked out the cat bed. It looks cozy!

    I am very sorry to learn that you got laid off. My Daddy works for a bank, and we were very worried about his job for a while, too.

  3. *hugs* So sorry to hear about your loss of job; the economy is just frightening these days. I hope you will find something new soon!

  4. ***HUGS*** Oh! I'm so sorry to hear this! Well, I firmly believe that when God closes a door, he opens a keep your eyes open! And we're always here to read your vents if you need. :)

  5. So sorry about your job. H-Mom is kind of worried about hers, too. They want her to do lots and lots more WORK (not just sell art) but they don't want to pay a penny for it and she said "no." She hopes that doesn't put her on the chopping block ...

  6. We are so sorry to hear that you were laid off. Mom has seen business slow down incredibly in the store she works in. It is so very scary out there. Please know that we are thinking of you and sending prayers out for you.

    Roxy & Lucky

  7. Oh I just read your post, I am so sorry about your job! I am praying for you. I have seen so many mortgage and title companies close around me, it is a miracle the company I work for is still funtioning with the full staff. I am really grateful because I know the owners are sacrificing to help us keep our jobs but we are uncertain as to for how long this will be possible.


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