November 4, 2008

Election Day

Hi Everyone,

Hubby and I have yet to vote. We are on the west coast so the polls are still open. I am waiting for him to get home from work so we can head on over to our voting place. I really dislike the news media when they predict the winners before our polls even close. Sometimes we feel like "why bother", the east and midwest has already made the decision for us. But I like to vote, I enjoy the actual voting but I sure am tired of all the rhetoric and campaigning!

It was another really slow day at work. I worked on the mushroom I am making for Joan over at Peace Love and Pugs. I have one done and I started to work on the next one but the ball of yarn was just bits and pieces all knotted together! I had three knots before I even finished five rounds. I will look for another ball of yarn. That's one of the joys of buying yarn remnants. :o)

Today's Etsy shop is MaJenta Designs. This shop has lovely jewelry made from glass and chiyogami paper. Chiyogami paper is a traditional Japanese paper used in origami. The colors are rich and vibrant. The glass magnifies the image and the result is really pretty. Please take a look around. I think the prices are quite reasonable.

This little set of four magnets and a tin container would be a lovely gift or a stocking stuffer...all five pieces for only $12.00!

I really like these pendants too! So pretty!

And since this is a pug blog...pug photos!! Yay!!
This was a gift basket on the messy dining room table. Ollie thought it looked comfy! He was sleeping away and woke up when I started to laugh and ran to get the camera.

And a cute picture of Charlie.

***pugs are not for sale ;o)


  1. oh the puggies are so cute!
    thank you for the link to the book binding blog. it is wonderful and so are you.

  2. *I very much agree with you... It must be discouraging when they announce the winner before all have voted! But voting is important either way! We'll be staying up a little while longer, but it's 4AM here and *I'll probably give in and get some sleep fairly soon!

  3. The puggies look so CUTE! Great pictures.

    Have a fun day,
    Joan & Skippy
    Mushrooms....this is getting exciting!

  4. Aww! LOVE the look on Charlie's face!! Ooo! I want to scrunch it up and kiss his nose!!!

  5. pugs are not for sale??? ohhh! I wanted a dozen of each color!!! ;P
    Thanks for the info, very nice items on the etsy shop!

  6. PSH! You are my friend already. Well, you are on my google reader RSS feed. If you did not know this, then this makes me a stalker... YIKES! BOL!!!! Thanks for being our friend too!!!!!!! :)


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