June 10, 2009

Pug Meet Up

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. We went to a pug meet up in Issaquah, WA and then went to visit my sister. Hi Sister!!

The pug meet up was at an industrial park in a large building used by a dog training facility. We were a little late so we didn't get to play too much. But we did have fun and I took some pictures. Unfortunately they are dark and mostly blurry. The lighting was bad and the puggies were fast! I did get a few photos to share.

This little cutie is Lola. I tried to get her picture while she was playing but all I got was a blur. She was finally still in her momma's arms. Lola is just five months old.

Here is another silly puppy, Cooper. He is six months old and was making googly eyed faces at me.

There were a lot of adorable pugs to visit and the people were very nice. Since this was a birthday party for all the pugs, the doggies got a present as we were leaving. Our dogs are having a lot of fun with their new toys and treats. They even gave us one for Honey, even though she didn't get to play with the pugs. Here's our Charlie taking a break from all the action.

After the meet up we let the dogs stretch their legs at the park across the street. They got to explore and sniff around. These pictures are a lot clearer. :o)

After the park we went to visit my sister who lives nearby. We had a very nice visit and were treated to the best brownies ever! My sister is an awesome cook and I learned all my skills from her. We are so lucky when my sister sends us a Christmas treat. One year it was a big pan of these yummy brownies. We also had the tea cakes and rum balls another year. I'm getting hungry thinking about all these goodies!

I hope you are having a great week and I will talk to you all soon!


  1. Looks like you all had a great time at the pug gathering! The pics are great and the puppies are adorable!!

  2. Hi Puglette
    That looked like so much fun being around all those cute little pugs! Aren't they all adorablle! And then to spend time with your sister--- GOOD TIMES!
    Mom says she bets those brownies were good!
    Made her hungry for some.
    Thank you for sharring the HAPPY DAY

  3. Hi there Puglette!
    Great meet up pictures! I am sending special hugs and kisses your way, and hoping that you are hearing some good news about a job soon.
    I am slowly but surely getting settled at my new blog. Check back for updates soon. :)
    Love Clover xo

  4. Hi Puglette! Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures from the meet-up! How fun!

    And how nice that you got to visit with your sister. Time spent with family is so nice.

    I am thinking of you and hoping you have some luck on the job hunt.

  5. What a rockin party! So much pug action. You must have been worn out.


  6. I love how pug owners seem like such a friendly and social group!

  7. hi puglette!
    what a wonderful post! the party looks like so much fun and i am so glad you got to visit with your sister.
    m & e


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