June 18, 2009

I am a Thief

Hi everyone!
I have a terrible confession to make. I am a thief, that's right...I stole something.

I took these two awards from Howie Pee Pugpants and I didn't ask for permission! I took them and I am proud of it...er, them!!

This first award goes to Ollie, The I Peed On It So It's Mine Award. Ollie is quite the piddler. We have to keep an eye on him when we are in public as he will try to piddle on everything. He even tried to piddle on a nice lady at the last agility trial, twice!

This next award is for Charlie. The My Mom Humiliated Me on the Internet Award. Charlie has had to hang her head in shame ever since I posted the video of her having a temper tantrum. She is pouting right now.

In other news, I have a job interview tomorrow morning. This is with a temporary agency for a temp to permanent job. Please cross your fingers with me, the pay is very good and the opportunity would be great.

More agility coming up this weekend. I will keep you posted on the interview and more. Thank you all for being there for me!


  1. Good luck on the interview. Where would I find the video??? I have been following for while. We have a pug and love PUGS!!! Thank you!! Smiles

  2. Well, I certainly think those awards are well deserved!

    Good luck at your interview. I know you will do great!

  3. Congratulations, Charlie and Ollie! Just because your mom "stole" these awards does not mean you don't deserve them.

    In my opinion, you two should be awarded EVERY DAY!

  4. Way to go on the awards! Did you get a statue like the Oscars? I'm thinking along the line of maybe a pug lifting his leg. Best wishes on your interview. Positive thoughts your way. I dying to get Josie involved in agility, any tips?

  5. Puglette, I just said a prayer for your interview! I am thinking of you this morning!

    I love the new awards! I think Ollie looks like Salinger in that picture... I have never seen a resemblance until now. Do you see it, or is it just me?

    Don't EVEN worry about the tantrum, Charlie! Tantrum is my middle name!!!!!

  6. Pearl, you are so right!! Ollie does look like Sallinger in that pic.

    Good luck on the interview!! We'll keep all of our fingers and paws crossed.

  7. Those are fantastic awards and not just anydog deserves them, but I can see that you two are very hard workers.

    I think the humiliation award is best. If only us dogs could type there would be no need for it.


  8. hi I stole those awards too!!! I wish you super duper good luck on your interview!

  9. hi puglette!
    oh that is so exciting! i am thinking of you!

  10. congrats on getting the job and congrats on all these great awards!! you guys have been busy!

  11. Congrats on gettin the job Puglette! that is just about the best news of all. Howie is pleased as punch that you stole these awards from him. He likes to spread and encourage badness, it is after all his mission in life.


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