June 29, 2009

Agility Questions

Hi everyone!
I have been getting a few questions regarding Charlie and her agility training. I must admit that hubby and I are fortunate as his mother trains her. We don't do much training at all, we go to the trials to offer support and watch our little girl run.

Grandma has been running her dogs in agility for about six years. Her dogs, Archie and Annie can still do some agility but they are retiring. Annie has an illness that keeps her out of the ring. She is a very sporty girl. She is very fast and very focused. Annie has dozens of ribbons and awards. Archie has lots of ribbons too, he's just not an agility fellow. Archie is a lap dog, and he loves being a lap dog. They are both very sweet dogs. :o)

Charlie participates in three types of agility trials. They all have different scoring and leveling requirements. I can't follow them. It's all the same type of obstacles. The three Charlie is in are Canine Performance Events (CPE), Teacup Dogs Agility Association (TDAA), and American Kennel Club Agility (AKC). Lately we have been going to AKC events. We see a lot of the same people and dogs at the various events so we are getting to meet people and dogs too.

One of our new friends is a foster mom for the Seattle Pug Rescue. She has the sweetest little rescue pug right now named Lola. Lola has a liver disease that has stunted her growth. She is almost a year old but is about the size of a six month old. She is a doll and has stolen our hearts. We would gladly make room for her in our family if asked. :o)

I hope you look into agility for your dog if interested. The people are very nice and the trials are a lot of fun. You can see little yorkies all the way to big mastiffs like Mango. You can participate as much or as little as you like. It really helps socialize your dog and you meet people who love dogs as much as you do.

I have been reading bloggies as much as possible, but I am tired! My commute is much longer now and I have to get used to freeway driving again. I have loaded the CD changer with the Beatles so I can sing at the top of my voice to ease the freeway anxiety. I will be checking out some books on tape soon as my reading time has diminished. I used to have an hour for lunch now it's only a half hour. Lots of changes!

I wish you all health and happiness. I hope your summer is getting off to a good start. We have lots of babies back home for the summer. It is so much fun to meet the latest generation of the family.


  1. Hi puglette! Thanks for the agility info- that is so interesting! I hope you have a great week!!!

  2. I feel you on the commute!! I would hate to see what my blood pressure is after I spend 4 minutes to an hour on the road. I'm sure the Beatles will help though =)

  3. My Mommie has been to watch a few doggie agility events and she loved watching! It's such a fun thing to watch and I'll bet it's even funner to do.

  4. I totally empathise for the commute. I live in Los Angeles for 10 years and my commute was 2 hours EACH WAY~!!! When I movd to Alabama, for two years it was 1 hour each way, and now it's only 30 minutes each way. I got really into talk radio, podcasts and books on tape. They REALLY HELP!

  5. I've done agility with my guys..it really is great fun!

  6. Oh the commute stuff sounds dreadful. Highway driving at rush hour? Yucko! Too bad Charlie can't go with you.

    Mango Momma

  7. Hi Puglette
    Thank you for sharring the information on the agility. Charlie is a real champ! Grandma is an adorable lady- and she looks like she loves to have fun with her adorable pups too.
    Speaking of your job. Mom drives an hour to work and an hour home cause we live in the country. She loves the drive, as she said she has plenty of time to think and be quiet. But when she goes to work the traffic is not so bad yet- like it is for you. The Beatles definatly help! Rock on Beatles.
    Get some rest.
    thanks for sharring

  8. Hi Puglette!
    Thanks for sharing info about agilty - it sounds really fun! I have always wanted to try it with Clover, but I am not sure how she would do - she is quite a nervous girl...
    Hope your new job is going well!

  9. LOL Puglette! My windshield is frequently serenaded in full voice... and my commute is only 20 min! It's a great destresser! Neat info on the agility.

  10. Mom says she knows what you mean about freeway driving. She also thinks nothing is better than the Beatles for easing freeway anxiety. We hope you like your job, though.
    Thanks for all the info about Annie, Archie & Charlie's training. That was cool. Your mom is neat.


  11. It must be so much fun going to trials ;) And best of luck with your commuting - that's no fun, and especially when you have to drive.



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