June 14, 2009

Charlie is Sporty!

Hi everyone!

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday at the AKC Agility Dog Trials. Charlie did very well in her two runs and received Qualifying Ribbons and Third Place Ribbons both times! We are very proud of our little puggy girl and also her wonderful Grandma that has trained her so well and runs her around the ring. Thank you Grandma!

Here are a few pictures of Charlie and her ribbons. She wasn't really in the mood to pose for photos...can't you see her excitement? We interrupted a good game of chase and bitey face she was having with Ollie.

These are her first AKC ribbons and we hope to have more soon!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will talk to you soon!


  1. Charlie! You are an inspiration! Agilities are very difficult especially when you have to figure out what to do next and do those weave pole things. You must work out a lot.


  2. Congratulations, Charlie! You done good!

  3. Those are great ribbons. You should be very proud of Charlie and grandma.


    PS Pepere is the correct, French way of saying grandfather. Auntie figured no one would be able to pronounce it written this way, so she sounded it out and came out with Pip Pay and Mim may.

  4. Wow Charlie and Grandma.
    those ribbons are beautiful. You are quite the little athlete- doing all that running.
    Oh everyone is so proud of you and I know you looked so beautiful out there!
    Good job

  5. WOW!! That's great and congratulations on your awards! You go, girl!!

  6. Congratulations Charlie! way to go cutey!!! you are so talented.

  7. Congratulations ! Pepe also won a green rosette- I think they are particularly impressive when awarded to a black pug ;D

  8. YAY, Charlie! What a smart, talented, good girl-pug you are!

    She looks so proud of her ribbons. "Yes, these are all mine!"

  9. Hi Charlie! congratulations! you are an example for all us lazy pugs (well specially me), i am on a diet and I will try to see if some exercise will help me loose weight so I can get more treats (to compensate) hehe

  10. hi puglette!
    oh how exciting! what a talented girl!
    hug charlie and ollie for us!

  11. CONGRATS CHARLIEEEEEE! We are so proud of you!

  12. Congrats!! What a cutie pie!!Thanks for stopping by on my other blog "grannies and ripples"! I have 4 pugs ! 1 black and 3 fawn.



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