June 5, 2009

Friday Fun

Hi everyone!

I have been on the job hunt and have sent out resume's and applications. I have also signed up with a temp agency. Hopefully someone will call me in for an interview and I can dazzle them with my skills. ;o)

I have been getting in a lot of quality lap time with the pugs. They are so sweet and want to be on me all day if I let them. Unfortunately we have been having a hot spell in our neighborhood and two hot puggies plus hot flashes on a hot day can be a bit too much! The warm weather is nice but we are glad it is cooling down a few degrees this weekend. We have a pug meet up this weekend and the low 70's is much better for the flat nosed babies. And of course, we will have pictures to share!

Speaking of sharing, I put together a little video for you all! This is from our trip in April. If you recall we had put up our ex-pen in the back of our mini van for the dogs. This was very nice for us as it kept the kids contained and out from under Dad's feet while driving. Charlie, however was not happy with the new setup and let us know. Charlie is a vocal little girl so turn up the volume!

I hoped you enjoyed our little movie today! I will be back over the weekend with the pug meet up pictures. Until then, hugs to you all, my friends!



  1. hahaha Oh that video made my day! Charlie makes some of the weird noises that miss Pearly makes during her tantrums! I love it!

  2. Oh, no! Charlie really does NOT like the pen, does she? Poor whiny little girl! And Ollie's all like, Dude, chill!

    Loved the video. What a character!

  3. Hi Puglette
    We know that someone will find you and you can charm them (as you say). We still are sending you positive thoughts every day. We love the changes on your bloggie- everyone of them! That Charlie- wow. We must say you have a spectacular camera! Sure does a good job.
    Thank you for sharring the movie. All I can say is it is more fun to get where your not supposed to be!
    Have a good time at the meet up- and cool weather coming your way from Oregon

  4. Ha! Charlie is adorable! I had no ideas pugs could make such funny little noises. At least you know exactly how she is feeling about things!

  5. Hello, Puglette! That video is very cute! I've enjoyed the Pacific Northwest - it's so much greener than Chicago, even when it's cloudy!

  6. Poor Charlie, she looks so distressed.
    We hope you gets some good temp work and a good lead on a new job soon.


  7. LOVE the video..it totally made me crack up at work! Do you think tha Charlie sounds rather like an Ewok? I LOVE how she looks so disgusted with the pen. It's SOOOOO adorable! I want to eat her up! And little Ollie just chillin' all calm behind her. SO FUN!

  8. Arr mommee iz looking fur a job, too. We will keep arr paws crossed fur yur mommee!

    Gus and Waldo

  9. LOL!
    no, charlie was not happy, but funny!
    great movie!
    you cracked us up!

  10. Fingers crossed on the job hunt! The video was a blast! Liked the park pics, too!

  11. That must have been a really looooong ride for your mom. Quite a vocal range on you, Charlie, I must say. Very expressive.



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