September 25, 2008

Thank You!

Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I am so excited to be a blogger with comments! I tend to use a lot of exclamation points when I get excited!!

Well, after all the helpful hints about moving pictures around, I think I will try to add a Charlie photo. That's her in the little picture, by my profile. I think I will let Charlie be the face of Puglette since she has such a sweet face.

Yay!! I did it!! Ok, this is Charlie when she was younger, six months old. She had her first birthday last month and is officially a big girl. Charlie is learning how to do agility. She goes to class with her Grandma Geri, hubby's mom. Charlie has her first official agility meet this weekend. She is a registered member of TDAA, Teacup Dog Agility Association. Ok, here's another blog challenge...can I add a video? That challenge may have to wait until hubby can help me. He's the computer guru in our house. So, my new friends, please stand by!


  1. Hello Puglette! My name is Eduardo & it's nice to meet you! I will add you to my snuggle buddies if you don't mind & we can be friends!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. oh charlie is beautiful!
    how fun she is going to do agility!
    :) melissa and emmitt

  3. Oh hello! Frank and I welcome you to blogging - don't worry, the pictures get easier!


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