September 25, 2008

Charlie's Movie

My genius husband made this short movie about Charlie and figured out how to post it on my blog. Enjoy!

My genius husband wrote that first line too! He really is a genius, but he's a smarty pants too. Ok, so here's Charlie's movie. She is the star, but all the puppies are pictured. Hubby created this cute little movie, he really is the best.

Please enjoy our little film :o)


  1. What a fun movie! I am very happy to meet you all. I will visit again soon!

  2. wow I can't believe a pug did all that! There is an acrobatics contest on our pug picnic each year and I haven't seen a single pug do half of it. they are just too lazy!
    the video came out awesome!

  3. That is a great video. Mom has often thought about having me do agility, but right now she is a little too busy. Great job Charlie. What a cute photo of you down below.


  4. Nice to meet you Charlie! You are a beautiful Puglette! I think you are super talented in your Agility...definitely a star! I wish my parents had time to help me do agility...maybe dieting can be fun!


  5. way to go Charlie! Just curious, are you and your husbands newlyweds? ha-you speak so sweetly of him!
    Hugs&i 5s


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