September 26, 2008

Daisy's Story part 2

Well, what would you do if you saw that little puppy? We took her home!

We took Daisy with us for a day trip to Yellostone National Park. She was so good! She just snuggled into my husband's arms and went everywhere with us. We took her into shops, to see the smelly sulfur pots...she was so sweet. Such a good little doggie.

We decided to get an airline carrier and take Daisy home. She was such and easy puppy. She seemed to sense her surroundings and limitations, she was amazing to watch.

Daisy had lost both of her eyes at a very early age. She had one eye scratched by a litter mate. Her little eye could not be saved. The conditions she was living in were not the best and she soon had an infection that carried over to her remaining eye. The vet in Wyoming decided to take that eye too. Poor little puppy was now completely sightless. This all happened within her first two months of life. Since she had not really had her sight for long, she did not know any different.

Daisy was a delightful little dog. We just loved her so much. She became my husband's constant companion. He took her to work with him everyday. Since he is a truck driver, she just rode along. She would snuggle in and snooze next to him or on his lap. Hubby would take her in to all the offices he stopped at, Daisy was taking hearts hostage everywhere she went. Everyone loved that sweet little puppy! Hubby actually tamed savage office workers with his little friend. No one could resist her charms.

We had such a great time, we had Daisy and our oldest dog Honey, a corgi / pommix. We took the girls on vacations all over Washington and Oregon. We loved to travel with the girls.

Everything was great, we had two sweet doggies and we loved them both. Honey did let Daisy know who was boss, especially when Daisy bumped into her. Daisy was amazing, hubby would put her on a strip of lawn, at the places he stopped for work. She would just stay on the lawn sniffing around, whenever she got too close to the edge, she would go back a bit and sniff around some more. She would find her boundaries and stay within them. We could take her anywhere and within 15 minutes she would have everything checked out and whould know where the food and water was.

We had a terrific year with our little puglette...

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  1. Terrific year? Mom does not like the sound of that.



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