September 26, 2008

Our First Puglette: Daisy

Hubby and I first fell in love with pugs while sharing life with our little Daisy. She was such a sweet little puppy and we just fell hard for her little pugism's. The snuffles and snorts, snoring in your ear at night, that funny little squished face.

Daisy's story is a sad tale, so get the hankie ready.

We met Daisy over the Labor Day weekend in 2006. We flew in to Wyoming to visit delightful daughter for a whirlwind weekend. Daughter had been living in Greybull, WY for a year or so, in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. We had heard about Daisy and seen a few blurry puppy pictures. Daisy was to be daughter's puppy. But daughter was a busy girl, working, trying college and she decided she just couldn't devote enough time to a puppy. While we were in WY we went to meet the parents of daughter's boyfriend. This is where we met Daisy. The boy's sister was a backyard breeder of pugs. (Daughter has since moved home to WA and has a lovely boyfriend.)

The pugs were kept in kennels all day and night, they got out infrequently and were quite rambunctious. We heard puppies before we saw them. Daughter asked us if we would like to meet Daisy, of course! who doesn't want to meet puppies!! We were handed the tiniest little black ball of fur and snuffles. Daisy was five months old and only weighed two pounds. She had on a pink collar with spikes on it, such a tough collar for a teeny thing. What a cutey! Hubby was smitten instantly, he fell for that little baby as soon as he held her in the palm of his hand. Me, well I'm always smitten with animals, I want them all.

As we were leaving, daughter asked us if we could take Daisy and raise her. Daughter knows I am a soft touch for animals, and Daddy is a soft touch for her. We drove back to the hotel thinking about that little puppy, could we take on another dog? How could we get her home? We had flown to WY. What would Honey think about a new puppy? Honey is a cranky old lady dog. Could we handle her special needs? You see, Daisy was totally blind.


  1. oh my goodness!!! what a gorgeous little girl!!!

  2. oh daisy!
    what a sweetie. i just want to hold her.
    m & e

  3. So...what happened to Daisy???? That is such a cliffhanger!


  4. She is adorable! I am glad you decided to tell Daisy's story. Coco was the first blind dog I had ever seen... and of course the first dog with no eyes. Wow! I need to read more about Daisy!

  5. She is very cute. But mom hates cliffhangers, so you better post the next part of the story pdq!
    ha ha


  6. what a poor little sweetie. A stud collar on such a little puglette!
    Hugs&Hi 5s


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