August 8, 2009

Professional Photography

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. We had some really hot days about a week ago but now we are back to cool and cloudy. I always feel that summer ends here with an obvious sign. This is the week we will probably start to wind up the warm days.

We have been busy with Charlie and her agility trials for the past few weekends. She is off with Grandma this weekend in Sequim, WA for a three day trial. Since hubby and I both work we let Charlie go on her own. We miss her terribly and will go to the trial tomorrow for the final runs and to pick up our little girl. Ollie seems lost without her and the house is so quiet. Without puggy wrestling matches and races, it's just lonely.

We do have some lovely new photos to look at and that helps! There is usually a professional photographer at the agility trials. Most of them have websites where we can preview the shots of our doggie. Lately the photographers have taken some really nice shots of Charlie and we have made some purchases.

These photos were taken on a very warm day and the sun was shining brightly. The photographer is Ken Kennedy. He has a lovely website with some great animal photos. We really love how vibrant these photos are. The expressions on Charlie's face are wonderful, she really looks like she is having a great time running around the field.

Please visit Ken's website Ken Kennedy Photography to see more beautiful dog photos.

The other photo we recently purchased has not arrived at home yet. I will give you a link to our cute "glamour" shot of Charlie. Nina S. Photography The action shots are not as good as Ken's because we were in a dark barn and flash photography is not allowed.

We went out to Michael's today and bought picture frames for our lovely photos and the pastel drawings I showed you in a previous post. Hubby has already framed the two pastels and they look fabulous! We selected a shadow box style frame. It's rectangular shape allowed us to put the drawings side by side. It is just perfect!

I hope you enjoyed these great photos. I really love them and they will be a great memory for us all when Charlie gets a little too old for agility.

hugs to you all!


  1. She looks so happy... and what a beautiful shiny coat!

  2. She does, indeed, look happy! Love the "clearing the hurdles" shot!

  3. What great photos! Charlie looks like she just loves doing her agilities. Who wouldn't?


  4. Those are great photos, and they really did capture Charlie's joy. I especially like the next-to-last one!

  5. Go, Charlie! What a beautiful girl! And I love her glamour shot. She knows she's a glamour-pug.

  6. I am very impressed! I'm so glad you got pictures. What fun.

  7. Hi there Charlie!
    Saw you on Mango's blog list, thought we'd come over & sniff around a little ;) Not many Frenchies like me blogging, but we've made friends with a lot of pugs! So glad to see someone else with a face as good looking as mine doing agility!! I agility too, had my mom post some action shots of me recently on our blog - come check it out sometime!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  8. Those are such awsome photo shots of Charlie. You have every right to be proud of your little girl. She looks like she is smiling as she is running and jumping. She feels proud!
    Thanks for sharring sweet Charlies pics!

  9. Great pix! It's so much fun watching her enjoy agility.


  10. First of all, Charlie looks like she's having a total blast out there running those trials. AND secondly, the glamour shot of her is SO cute! What a great picture! Definatly one to frame!

  11. Such wonderful pictures!!! Charlie's glamour shot was just beautiful! She is so graceful on the course.

  12. hi puglette!
    oh i just love all of the photos of charlie! my favorite is of her smiling and kicking up her heels with glee!

  13. Sweet pics! I especially like the head on shot while she's jumping over the red & white sticks. Too cute!


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