July 5, 2010

Dog Day Afternoons

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great Fourth of July weekend. We just spent a quiet weekend at home. Hubby had hernia surgery on Friday and is recovering nicely. All of the noise and excitement was outside! I think every house around us was setting off fireworks. I didn't even have to go outside to see them, I just had to look out my kitchen window. The dogs were a bit rattled by all of the noise, especially the extra loud booms. I went outside to take a look at the pretty colors and thought I had lost Dodger! He fell off the porch steps and started to run away from me. In the dark I couldn't see where he went. Luckily he ran back through the doggie door onto daddy's lap.

I have a bunch of pictures to share with you from adventures with Dad and back yard fun and games. I hope you enjoy them, hubby has been taking some great shots lately!

Best friends!

Penny says "I'm cuter! I'm fluffy!" (Dodgie, you are still momma's baby boy!)

Playdog pose.

Farmer Ollie surveying the back 40.

Still cute and fluffy!

Quit bugging me Dad!

I have a very pretty tail, don't you agree???

I love you dad, let's go for a ride!!

Have a great week everybody!

bite bite bite!


  1. Great backyard fun times. I hope dad is healing well and back to his old self soon.


  2. what cutie pups! hope your husband heals up quickly.

  3. Great puggie pictures! We've been struggling with fireworks here, too. Every night around 9:30, it's been: BOOM!yipeyipeyipeyipeyipe...calm. BOOM!yipeyipeyipeyipeyipe...repeat until about midnight. I'm hoping my neighbors are finished with fireworks until next year. :)

  4. So many cute faces here! How do you ever get anything done? Mom would just spend her time going around kissing everybody!

    Brutus & Carmen (the Frenchies)

  5. Hello Puglette!!

    We's be thinking of yous and yous daughter!! We hopes she is doing okay!!

    Hope your hubby is okay too from surgery..no fun, but it's fun to be recovering and getting treats..

    love 'da photos!!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  6. Pee-s

    mommy note:

    I just may have to pug nap Penny!!

    What a cutie!!!!!


  7. Hi Puglette!

    These are great photos!
    Everyone looks like they are having so
    much fun. Daisy and I hope you are
    having a great week!

    -Dana & Daisy

  8. It looks so fun to roll around in the grass!

  9. Very cute! I love the playpug pose ;)

  10. Such cute furbabies you have there! Hope you Dad is on the mend!

  11. Oh, we hope daddy feels better soon. The pictures are adorable! Keep 'em coming!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Can't wait to read yours! I'm so excited about all of my new friends!!

    Vito (and Gina)

  13. You have the cutest little pug family in the world!!
    We are always amazed at the adorable photos you share.
    We hope hubby is healing and feeling better

  14. Wait, who is Penny? Did I miss something?

    I love Farmer Ollie. He looks very responsible. Honey has such a sweet face, and Dodger gets more adorable each day.

    Thanks for sharing your puggy photos!


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