December 5, 2009

Movie Review!

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We sure did! We had a yummy dinner and visited with family. We also had our Christmas gift giving on the same night. As I mentioned in the previous post, we had a drawing to choose a charity for our group donation. The charity that was chosen was our pick!

We are giving the money to a local food bank, B.A.S.H. That stands for Bikers Against Statewide Hunger. This food bank is in the same business park that I used to work in. They are a local food bank and have been in operation for at least ten years. The family that runs the bank is so nice, they all work there and most have regular full time jobs too. They deliver food as well as letting people pick up food. Every year they hand out 500 Thanksgiving dinners. People line up for their box of food hours before they open. Working next to this generous organization for several years really made an impression on me. Their generosity and dedication to helping others is admirable. review time!! As you know, I am a member of Dog Time Media. They have my blog on their website and they help me with the advertising. They asked some of their members if they were interested in reviewing the DVD "Santa Buddies, The Legend of Santa Paws". I was sent a DVD of the movie by Dog Time Media as compensation for this review. :o)

We watched this cute movie as a family today. The story is about Santa Claus and his dog, Santa Paws. Of course, there is a trouble maker, played by a cute pup named Puppy Paws. Puppy Paws and lots of folks have forgotten about the true meaning of Christmas. Fortunately, the Buddies come to the rescue!!

This is a pretty standard Christmas movie, the dog catcher, the sick little boy, and of course a change of heart. This is definitely a children's movie. But that said, it is genuinely cute and it does have a few laughs. There are lots of cute doggies, they work in the North Pole with Santa's elves and there is the scruffy bunch in the dog pound.

I don't know about your dogs, but Charlie and Ollie really watch TV. They are always barking at animals, especially other dogs. We have to keep an eye on Ollie as he will rush the TV and try to bite those bad dogs. This movie did not affect them at all...we think it's because the dogs did not bark, they talked. The only time our dogs were alerted was when the pound dogs were barking.

I give "Santa Buddies, the Legend of Santa Paws" two paws up. Great for kids and a good positive message. :o) You can see the trailer here!

Well, that's all for today. I am still coughing and stuff from the cold I caught after turkey day. Hugs to you all!





  1. Hi Puglette
    Thank you for telling us about that movie.
    Tomorrow is the day that I am going to go see Santa Paws. I actually went today, but it turned out to be tomorrow instead.
    The event will be at a farm store, and I am going to try to talk mom into letting me run free so all the other doggies and me can play and chase santa paws.
    Sorry you are sick.
    My mommie is sick too. She said he head is exploding.
    I hope not

  2. We love feel-good movies with dogs or cats!

    I hope you feel much better soon.


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