December 14, 2009

Another True Tale

Hi everyone!

Phew! I am finally getting over this darn cold / flu that I have had since Thanksgiving. Just down to a little congestion and cough. I hope you all have been able to avoid getting sick this year.

This funny pug photo caught my eye this morning. The Elvis suit is just too cute.

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I have another story to tell you today. I was reading two of my favorite humor blogs, I Do Things and The Junk Drawer the other day and they reminded me of a recent episode in my life. My tale is sort of a combination of these two fine ladies blogs. JD dropped her computer and Kathy fell up a flight of stairs.

A few months ago my mother in law was having computer troubles. Her computer was old and tired and getting slower and slower. She had asked for some advice from her family and no one was able to help this tired computer anymore. The decision was made, time for a new computer for Mom.

I had the pleasure of accompanying Mom on the computer shopping trip. We had fun! We shopped, she bought and then we had a lovely lunch together. A great day. Since hubby and I are relatively computer savvy, Mom asked me to help her set up her new computer. Piece of cake! Computers are pretty much plug in and go to town these days.

But first...we have to take down the old computer and put it away. There was a lot of valuable information on the hard drive of this old machine that would need to be accessed later. We began untangling all of the cords and cables, unplugging the old tower. The old monitor and keyboard were carefully set aside. Mom was clearing out the boxes under her desk to make it easier to get to the outlets. We were really cooking with gas! The old stuff was clearing out and the new computer was unpacked and waiting.

Finally it's time to move the old tower off the desk and start plugging in the new one. Now this is an old desktop computer in the large tower style box. I heft this up, Mom asking if I was OK, did I need any help. "Oh no" I said, "I have it, I'm fine!" I turned and started to walk over to where the other parts of the old computer were waiting...and CRASH!! Down I went, throwing the computer in front of me. We both hit the ground hard. I had dropped the computer tower so hard the corner dented in and the front popped off. I landed hard on my knee, skinning it pretty good and bruising the knee cap. Apparently I tripped on a box that had been under the desk and had been moved out.

Oh my gosh!! Was I embarrassed! Here I am supposed to be helping and I tossed that computer like a hot brick. I think I shook it so hard that it will be impossible to retrieve any of the old information. My mother in law, bless her, has kindly not spoken about this incident. We'll just keep this to ourselves, Mom!! ;o)

Thank you for sticking with me and getting to the end of this sad tale of woe. I could go on and on about falling down. I am quite clumsy and have had so many skinned knees that they are pink from scarring. Someday I will share the time I fell in San Francisco. Or the time I slid down a hill. Or the time I slipped and landed on my butt tossing milkshakes into the air...and, and, and. Really, I can go on forever!

Hugs to you all!! Stay on your feet!


  1. Perhaps you need to practice on agilities. That is supposed to help with your coordination issues. My mom has actually done it without falling down for several weeks now.


  2. The Junk Drawer and I Do Things are two of my favorite blogs, too!

    It must have been scairty to fall with that big computer. I'm glad you are okay!

  3. OMG. I'm so sorry to be laughing at your incident. "Here I am supposed to be helping and I tossed that computer like a hot brick." Good one!

    And the tear down of an old PC is always the worst part. You really do just want to kick it out the door. I say kudos for dropping the damn thing and breaking it. Just sorry you got hurt. You know I know the feeling.

  4. Oh dear!

    I'm sorry you're so accident-prone, but it sounds like you've got blog fodder for the next few years!

    Like Kathy, I had to laugh at the image of you tossing the computer "like a hot brick"! Sorry!

    I'm glad your mom-in-law was so understanding. I think my mom would not only not speak of it -- she would not speak to ME! At least for a few days.

  5. Oh, and I almost forgot!

    Puggy Elvis is adorable!

  6. Most of your anecdotes involve your mother-in-law; hmmm, is there a story here ? When your knee gets better, please come down here and straighten out my computer wires. It's a nightmare. Merry Christmas to you and Danny and the pups. Love you guys, Aunt Mare

  7. Pug Elvis is funny. But poor thing looks humiliated. Glad to hear your feelin' better!

    Stella,Gunther & Betty

  8. These are the things we look back on and giggle about, even though they may be embarrassing at the time. Thank you for the sharing and the smile!

  9. Aww! I'm pretty accident prone, too. There was this one time...I was walking to see the Lava on the Big Island in Hawai'i at night...and fell. I didn't like...fall on the lava or anything (obviously) but I cut myself up really bad along the dried lava. That rather put a crimp into our plans for the rest of the trip!!!

  10. Hey, I just remembered...didn't you fall into the river off a boat once when you and your husband were fishing? LOL! You crack me up!

  11. Love the Puggy Elvis- I get the LOldogs email sent daily too!

    And OMG your story about tripping over! Kids fall down all the time and have scraped knees, but if you do it when you're a grown adult it is MORTIFYING. Especially if it hurts! You can hardly break out wailing and crying like a kid. I guess that's why the videos of people falling over on "You've been framed" are so funny :S


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