July 22, 2009


Hi everyone!

I was over at JD's blog, I Do Things, and I was writing my comment when I decided it was too much to be a comment and too funny to keep to myself so here I am, sharing with all of you. Now JD has been invited to speak at the BlogHer convention next weekend in Chicago. Her latest post was about what to wear and she asked for opinions and tips.

While leaving my comment I realized that a lot of people had already left comments about what she should wear and which of her outfits would be appropriate for her speaking engagement. But no one had given her much advice about what kind of under garment she should wear...her faithful granny panties or a light girdle.

Well, I happen to have experience with just that type of girdle and I knew JD would benefit from this experience. So, JD...this is for you. :o)
My Wedding Day...a true story

For my wedding day I had purchased a really lovely dress, a light champagne color with a beaded bodice. It was so pretty, I even bought shoes dyed the same color. I too fretted about wearing proper underpants / girdle for the occasion. i am a fluffy gal, and the dress was kind of clingy around the middle.

I decided that since there were going to be many people there watching me and my sweetie get married, I would opt for the girdle. You know, for the extra slimming effect. I also decided to add control top pantyhose. i was really, really sucked in. i hiked up that girdle and the control top hose and off we went.

On the ride to the ferry dock, I started panicking and worrying (it's what I do) and sweating and feeling over heated. By the time we arrived at the wedding location, the Washington Ferry Rhododendron, my iron clad under wear had started to roll over. I discreetly tried to pull up the roll and smooth out my under garments. Since it was just hubby to be and I in the car, I felt safe to yank everything up.

We arrived at the ferry dock and went in the small waiting room that was for walk on passengers. Our guests started to arrive and my nerves were still on active duty making sure everyone was taken care of and had their ticket for the boat. Finally, the ferry arrives and we are off, about 30 people walking on to the ferry in late November...everyone in warm coats except me, the bride in a fancy dress.

With all of the walking around and standing, my undies were heading south...in a hurry. Now my panic was really on, I was about to get married in front of all these people and a bunch of strangers that were just riding the ferry and my girdle and the control top panty hose were rolling down and down, getting thicker and thicker under my dress.

At first I had a few minutes to get to the restroom and yank everything back up. But this is a very short ferry trip! Just twenty minutes each way. As soon as the boat left the dock, we were standing with the minister and the ceremony began. Throughout the ceremony all I can think about is my underwear rolling down! "Can anyone see it?" "Can I stop it without drawing attention?" "What did my husband just say? Did he yada yada yada me???" "During our wedding vows!?" (Yes, he did!)

As soon as we said our "I do's" I wanted nothing more than to race off to the bathroom to pull up my girdle and hose that had now rolled down to around my thighs and were still heading south. But since we had only a short time on the ferry with the minister we had to sign the paperwork...and then friends and family were coming up to offer their well wishes. "Yes, yes...thank you, thank you..yes, the boat is lovely...thank you, I love my dress too!" Ack! Just let me get to the bathroom!!!

At last I made it to the restroom to yank up my rolling undies, they had made it all the way down to just above my knees. I was so relieved to finally be able to pull them up and be able to move freely again. Phew!!

So, dear JD, wear your comfy panties and not the girdle...or you may be sharing more with your audience than your sparkling personality!

I hope you have enjoyed my little tale. Our wedding was definitely a memorable event and not just because of my underwear!

hugs to you all!!




  1. You see? This is why it is better to go around nekked. Those people clothes are just too confusing and apt to act up on their own.


  2. Oh, my goodness! I'm so glad you decided to write a post about your experience. I can just FEEL the girdle rolling up and sliding down. I am definitely NOT wearing it! Even though I will probably have more opportunities than you did to yank it up, I'm not taking any chances.

    HAHAHA! I love the "yada yada" part of your wedding. Your husband sounds like fun.

    I'm so glad your beautiful wedding went off without a hitch, despite your being so uncomfortable. There has to be something, right?

  3. HAHAHA I love that story!!!!

  4. This was sooooooooooooooooooo funny - enjoyed every word of it!

  5. That cracked me up! I can so picture you worrying about your underwears rolling down right in the middle of your wedding! At least you have some fond and funny memories of the day.

  6. That's great!!!!!! Hope the rest of your wedding day was a little more drama free.

  7. Hahahaha - I hate tight panties!

  8. Hi! your story is hilarious! I went over the blog and read her post, too. I like how she writes!

  9. That was quite a funny story! Granny panties get my vote, so comfy!

  10. OMG!! ROFL!! :wipes tears streaming down face:

    I also fall into the fluffy category and I made exactly the same mistake for a very public event... with the similar results.

    When the "roll" cleared the tummy phlump (which the girdle was supposed to have been controling) and was offically riding on my upper thighs, I asked my sister to provide cover while I backed into a corner and tried to discretly tug. AAARGH... like iron - no play at all... I gritted my teeth as the roll inched south and, when the opportunity finally arrived, had her walk behind me to provide cover as I minced my way to the ladies room (lest the roll clear the hem of my skirt, of course).

    Off came the hose, off came the girdle, back on went the hose... and the girdle hit the trash on my way out of the restroom.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. lol puglette!
    what a great story! i love how you told it!
    you are a wonderful writer!

  12. Ahh...as someone else who is "fluffy", well, I've tried the girdle thing with middling success. This totally usually happens, but I've gotten to where I like the kind that are like a bathing suit? They're like called body shapers and they've got a bra part on the top and they fit like a bathing suit. Then you don't have the issue with them rolling down! Viola

  13. Same thing happened to me: Kinky lingere + girdle + control top hose = me repeatedly running out of my wedding reception to pull everything up and over and into place. Bad bad bad bad bad

  14. Hehehe.. I had a similar experience at a dog show. That's when I learned that you always take the girdle on top.. Tee hee.. It keeps it all together, thankfully.

    ;) A

  15. happy birthday charlie!

    have a wonderful day!
    melissa and emmitt


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