May 13, 2009

Ollie Day!

Hi everyone!

Today is Ollie's Gotcha Day! We have decided to make this his birthday since we don't know his actual birthdate. We decided that Ollie has just turned three today.

We love this puggy boy so much. He is so sweet and special to our family. Ollie was a shelter rescue and we are so happy that we have him in our life.

Ollie loves to spend time riding around with Charlie and Dad in the big truck.

Ollie is very helpful, here he is helping Dad drive the car.

Ollie is quite the dancer, he loves to show off his skills.

This is a special day in our house, it's Ollie Day! We will be setting Ollie Day up as a National Holiday soon, so watch your calendars!
hug your family!


  1. Oh sweet little Ollie.
    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday sweet Ollie, Happy Birthday to you! Welcome to the 3 year old club Ollie. We are so happy for you that your have such a loving family that really loves you. You were chosen- and that makes you special.
    You are so adorable and I am going to send one more little kiss to put on your face! I am so happy we are friends!
    And I saw pictures of you with Melissa and Melanie and you and Charlie were so proud looking and beautiful. HAPPY DAY TO YOU

  2. Ollie! Happy Birthday/Gotcha Day! How exciting! You are just too cute for words. You know that underbite makes me smile every time I see it. :)

    Hope Ollie Day is a blast!

  3. Happy Birthday Ollie you handsome puggy!
    Loves from pugs,
    Rosie Marie

  4. Happy Ollie Day! I hope you have an extra-special day filled with treats and toys and hugs and kisses. And, since Ollie Day is such an important event, I am going to eat some treats in your honor!

  5. Happy Ollie Day! We do the same thing at our house with Gracie. We adopted her on April 1st, so that's when we celebrate her birthday. I'm so glad that you have such a wonderful forever home, with people and a puggie, who love your!!!

  6. Happy birthday Ollie - oh my what a breathtaking smile you have! We are so thankful you have found such a loving home where your dancing skills could be discovered. We hope to see you on Dancing With the Pugs soon!!!

  7. Happy Ollie Day!!!!

    Sorry I'm late. Can we spread it out to Ollie Weekend? Surely he deserves it.

    Please give Ollie a loving squeeze from me and a good ear scratch (or whatever he likes).

    I hope he had a wonderful Ollie Day. I shall mark it on my calendar so I'm not late next year.

  8. Hopefully once Ollie Day is a national holiday we can all celebrate it with a festival of treats and pug snuggles! Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day

  9. happy ollie day!
    how wonderful! we are sending big hugs to all of you!

  10. Happy Birthday & Gotcha Day, Ollie. Hope you have a great day.

    Roxy & Lucky

  11. Happy barkday Ollie! You sure got a lot of fun on your special Ollie day...speaking of fun, the Pup-peroni dog treat has this Pup-peroni Sweepstakes that can win you $750 worth of prize package. Here's where you can join the fun:

  12. Happy belated Ollie day, Ollie!

    Bajas & Virus

  13. Happy belated day, Ollie! I like the idea of a holiday for you!


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