May 22, 2009

May Flowers

Hi everyone!
Did you miss me?!?

I have just been hanging out with hubby and puppies. Work is getting quite busy and stressful so when I get home I just turn my brain off. I am really happy to have an extra day off this weekend. And a big plus is that we will have some lovely late spring weather in our neighborhood! Woo Hoo! The weatherman was reporting that this is the first Memorial Day weekend in 30 years where we should have 70 - 75 degree temperatures all weekend. Yay!

I have been enjoying all the flowers in bloom everywhere. I really love wandering around older neighborhoods and looking at all the lovely established gardens. I have two lovely plants in bloom in my yard right now.

This is my Bleeding Heart bush. Usually these are kind of small and low to the ground, but ours just loves it's spot in an over grown flowerbed.

We have had this plant for about twelve years. Every year in February it starts popping up and before long it just takes over the flower bed and grows and grows. This year it has tons of these beautiful stems of flowers.

We originally had this plant and a white Bleeding Heart plant in pots on our front porch. When we built the bed and moved the plants the white one did not survive. This beauty more than makes up for the loss.

This is our lilac tree. I am standing close to it for these pictures because it borders the neighbors that burned their house and the contractor has a lovely porta-potty right at the end of the driveway. I really did not want the blue sani-can in my flower post!

This lilac tree is huge!! It is really old too. I think it was planted by the original owners of our property about 65 years ago. It is just lovely and has an amazing fragrance. In the evening the breeze carries that scent across the yard. I am so happy the weather will be good so I can open the windows to this fragrant breeze.

This has been a fruitful spring. Our little cherry tree was covered in blooms this year. I hope we get some before the birds eat them all! Here is our driveway covered in pine cones. The birds love to sit in the tree and get the seeds out and knock the pine cones out.

And of course, here is the little puggy boy, Ollie. He doesn't look very happy about me being on the outside of the fence.

I wish you all a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Please say a prayer for all the men and women who gave themselves for our freedom. Hug your family!!


  1. hi puglette!
    oh my goodness! your flowers are amazing and that picture of ollie cracked me up!

    give all the pups a hug from me! happy memorial day weekend! i am so glad the weather is going to be so nice!

  2. You sure have beautiful flowers! I have never seen any bleeding heart flowers where I live. The climate must not be right for them.

    Ollie, you look like a prisoner! Heehee!

    I hope you have a happy holiday weekend, too.

  3. Hope you have a great weekend. Mom loves the scent of lilacs! I'm relaxing after a long Saturday of fun and Mom's been trying to study but is really too tired. ;)


  4. I LOVE Lilacs!!!! Those are beautiful!!! Couldn't have said it better: Freedom !! Definitely give thanks and special prayers to all those men and women!

  5. Beautiful post - I can almost smell the Lilacs, nothing like them. Happy holiday weekend!

  6. Oh what a great post, I just finished a lilac painting but your picture reminded me that mother nature paints them much better than I do. : ) The bleeding hearts are wonderful, I had never seen them before! I hope you are enjoying your extra day off - the puggies are snoring in three part harmony to celebrate.
    pughugs from Texas...

  7. Poor little Ollie - he looks so sad:-(

    The lilacs are just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I have never seen a bleeding heart bush before - how cool and unique!

  9. Hi Puglette!
    Thanks for stopping by our new blog! I hope you will come visit us often. We are going to work hard at visiting our friends more often. Still trying to get caught up for now.
    Great flower pictures! I love Bleeding Hearts and Lilacs - there are tons where we live, but we don't have any in our yard.
    Hope you are enjoying your long weekend!
    Love Clover & Jess

  10. Your flowers look wonderful!! Hope you guys had a great long weekend!!!

  11. HI OLLIE! I'm sorry you're trapped behind that gate. I'm sure you'll get to go on a trip soon.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE bleeding hearts. I have one in my garden that comes back each year bigger and better. Oh, and lilacs. I don't have any, but my neighbor does, so I get to smell his.


  12. I'm no agility champ like Charlie, but I do try. Never saw those bleeding heart flowers before. Quite nice.

    I get mad when mom is on the wrong side of the fence too.


  13. What beautiful flowers! Ha! Love the comment about having to crop out the port-a-potty!!!

  14. Hi! it's been a while since I left a comment *sorry* and hopefully I won't have any technical/communications problems again...
    this is a lovely garden! I don't see many flowers around here. Maybe because it rains too much? or because it is too hot? no idea!

  15. hi puglette!
    thanks for the link and your question about punchneedle. yes, you are absolutely right. the printed side that you work on is the back when you are done. :)


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