February 10, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

Hi everyone!

I hope you have been visiting the Mango-Minster dog show. There are new group winners. You should check them out. Or I suppose you could just take my advice and

Vote for Charlie!!

BEST in Show!

This is so much fun, we have been enjoying the Mango Minster show and all the hard work done by Mango and Dexter's Mom. I can't believe all the hard work and posting of links and photos she has put in to this. Thank you so much!!

Ok, well you know what to do...vote for Charlie in the upcoming Best in Show contest!!



  1. Hi.. you really have some cute pics!!!

  2. Oh Frank has voted for Charlie! I am not sure that I found the award, but sometimes I get rather confused! We do enjoy having a fan in Puglette and now Frank is a fan of her's too!

    -Frank's Mom

  3. It is fun, isn't it? H-Mom is so impressed with all the work that they are doing ... it's almost like the real show, only quieter, and less crowded, and no one has to travel, and all our friends are participating!

  4. Hi I need help! I went to Mango's blog to vote for Charlie but I didn't find out how to do it! Oh by the way, Mango had an awesome idea with this show! I have to vote from my work computer that's why I can't take much time reading the posts... thanks!

  5. How do I vote? I didn't see a voting thingie on Mango's site.

    And . . . is Ollie OK with all this? He looks sad in that picture. Can I create a special category for Ollie to win?


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