July 18, 2010

Impromptu Pug Party!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, we have been busy with family in from other countries and other states. I hope you are all enjoying your summer days.

Visiting with family is great! Since hubby has been off work for his hernia surgery recovery we have been able to spend more time with everyone. We had a lovely picnic at a pretty park with this little cutie, Ashley. This was one the first days that we got to meet Ashley as she live abroad with her family. We brought the dogs along and they were very popular. Here's Ashley's big brother, Zach, watching the dogs. They both have a big sister named Abby, but we unfortunately we missed her in our photos!

We also spent some great afternoons at the dog park. It is so much fun to see all of the other dogs and meeting such nice people. And if we are lucky, we get to have an impromptu pug meet up!
This happened yesterday. We spotted one pug and visited for a few minutes and when we looked up there were six pugs coming up to us! Another two joined in a bit later. We sere surrounded by a sea of pugs and pug bottoms! There were a total of twelve pugs milling around. We also had a few Westies, Chihuahuas and mixed breed pups too.

There was a little bit of pug humpy and lots of panting. Penny was quite popular, even having her photo taken with some of the other pug parents. But poor Penny was yesterday's news as soon as this little boy showed up. This is Cruiser, he's three months old and his family includes two sweet little girls.

This cute little Chihuahua walking in front of Penny was there with her sister. They are about 7 or 8 years old and had been found wandering alone in the woods on a local island. When the woman that found them opened her car door they just hopped right in. Her vet said they were two breeding ladies who just got abandoned when they were too old. That story makes me angry and sad. :o( But they are now getting all of the pampering they deserve.

We love our dog park. We have so much fun every time we go. Dog watching and people watching are great things to do on a nice sunny afternoon!
take care!


  1. Oh goodness, that looks like so much fun!

  2. oh what a fabulous party!
    how fun that it just spontaneously happened!

    those are the best kind!

    m & e

  3. How did the people stand all the smooshyness?

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  4. A sea of pugs!

    I love those photos the best.

    You're so lucky to have such a nice doggy park to visit. And we're lucky to get to see all the photos.

  5. PILE O PUG! Love the pictures, wish we could have been there too!

    Gen * Lefty

  6. OK, this is the PERFECT post. Puppies and babies... and all adorable!

  7. Wow - that was like pugapalooza! So nice to be with your own kind, isn't it??

    Brutus & Carmen

  8. Oh what great photos!!!!!

    Looks like so much fun!!

    Too much cuteness in one place..
    system overload...
    hee hee!!

    Josie, Izzy and Anakin Man

  9. Happy Days
    Look at all that happiness!
    What a great time for your family to enjoy bein together and not only that but your wonderful doggie park.
    It looked like so much fun and you got some great photos to share with us. We thank you for thinking of us. I think I saw Charlie in those photos!


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