June 20, 2010

The New, The Naughty and The Cell Phone

Hi everyone!

Here we are, ready for another weekend. We are finally getting some warmer weather in the Seattle area. The weather men have been all a-buzz about finally reaching 75 degrees for the first time since last September. I may get to wear my new sandals this summer after all!!

I have lots to share with you today. First off, a couple of introductions are due.

Here is our Dear Daughter with her new puppy, Einstein! Einstein is a pure bred corgi and she is adorable! Little Einstein is a lucky pup to have daughter for her mommy. We can't wait to meet Einstein in person!

Isn't she a cute little corgi puppy?

Next up, here's Penny!! Penny is our newest little acquisition. She is a three month old Pug - Pekingese mix. She is sooooo cute on her little stubby legs. Penny is a talker, she will bark and howl at us when it's dinner time or just for the fun of it. Penny and Dodger are best friends, tumbling about in the yard and running through the house. Penny is taking the pressure off of Ollie as Dodger was constantly chewing on Ollie trying to get him to play. Ollie likes to play, but a mature gentleman also likes to lounge about without being pestered by a youngster.

Speaking of Dodger, here is the naughty story.

Most of you know that Hubby is a truck driver and he sometimes travels too far to come home every night. When I am home alone I like to bring my cell phone into the bedroom and keep it next to me. Sometimes hubby will call after I have gone to bed and snuggled up with the doggies. It's a bit like a security blanket for me.

A few nights ago I was snuggled into bed, ready to sleep when Dodger got up and started walking around looking like he was going to jump off. This usually means the dog has to go potty so I tell Dodger to be a "good boy and go potty outside" Unfortunately, Dodger had already decided to go potty...right on the bed! As soon as I told him to go outside I noticed a familiar odor. I reached out to where he had been curled up next to me and found a huge wet spot, soaking the sheets and getting ready to get to the mattress pad. Then I noticed my cell phone sitting in the middle of this lovely puddle. Yikes!!!

Crap! This was the only phone I had! Several years ago we decided to get rid of our land line and have only cell phones. So now have a pee soaked bed and a pee soaked cell phone and it's 2:00 am. Great, just great. I was afraid to rinse my phone in water just in case it could possible work. I tried to get the back off and the battery out but I was unable to open the phone. So for the rest of the night I saw it flash on and off until it finally died.

I knew I had insurance on the phone and was happy to know that I could walk right into the Sprint store and secure a replacement at no charge. I mean what had I been paying $7.00 per month for the past two years for, if not replacement!! Yeah! No problem!

I walked into the local Sprint store and was informed that I had a $50.00 deductible and I had to send that and the broken phone off to the insurance company for a replacement phone. I was told that it could take several weeks to complete the claims process. Well, isn't that just fine and dandy!! Sure, I can wait two or three weeks before having a phone again, no worries! GRRRR!!!! I asked if the insurance company would still help me if I bought a new phone and was told yes, the deductible would still have to be paid, but I could get my money back.

The only way to get phone service that day was to buy a new phone. As if I had the money to buy a new phone! I told the clerk I wanted the cheapest phone possible, I did not want to put out any money that day. I was directed to the phones that were on sale, free!! Free if you send in the rebate request for $50.00 cash back. So I spent the money and came home with a new phone.

I called the insurance company to negotiate a settlement next. I was then informed that they only offered a replacement phone. I could not get cash value for my peed on phone. I could, however, for the additional $50.00 deductible and my old phone, get a new phone...or a refurbished phone similar to my old one. Well since I had already paid $50.00 that day and I had a new phone I declined their generous offer. I promptly canceled the monthly insurance payment.

So there we go. Two beautiful new girls added to the family, one naughty boy and a stupid cell phone company.

I hope you all have a great weekend! We plan on getting some sunshine and fresh air this weekend. Of course I will share photos!


  1. Seriously Einstein and Penny are ridiculously cute!!! Congrats on both!!!!


  2. Einstein and Penny are too cute!

    What a hassle with the cell phone! They
    always make it seem so simple to get a
    replacement or repair, until
    something actually happens.

    Daisy and I hope you have a great weekend!

    -Dana & Daisy

  3. I'm impressed they were going to allow you to file a claim at all. Usually "water" damage is not covered. Still sucks that they gave you such a run around!! Rotten Dodger!! Penny and Einstein are adorable!!!



  4. Einstein is so cute and little Penny too.
    What a cute combination pug and peek. Darling pups.
    It never fails- that whenever you buy something and they either give warranties or you buy a warrannty- something always goes astray in what is covered. I guess I am always suspicuous of everything. How very stressful for you!

  5. Grrrr! Stupid cell phone company. What an unfortunate incident. So many new puppies at once! Better set that wee corgi straight on who is boss before he gets bigger than you.


  6. hi puglette!
    oh penny and einstien are so cute!
    i love them!
    3 of of my favorite breed rolled up into 2 doggies! heee!

    where did you find penny?
    she is a doll baby and so lucky to have you and your family!

    melissa and emmitt

  7. I highly suggest investing in a waterproof mattress pad too! Penny has the cutest little face. I have Asurion ins on my daughter's cell with a deductible but they overnight her a new one when something happens, like phone falls in lake!


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