May 18, 2010

Pug Party Video!

Hi everyone!

I was looking at the Pug Village forum and found a link to a video from the Pug Gala we attended. It is really sweet and a great sample of how fun the party was. Also...Charlie is in the video! She is about halfway through the video running through an agility tunnel. She is also at the end doing the weave poles.

You can also see Tweedles and her mom Georgie trying out the agility jump. They are just before Charlie runs through the tunnel. You can see a cute black puggie in one of Melissa's adorable sweater vests and then Georgie helping Tweedles over the jump.

Isn't Tweedles just the cutest little pug? She is so small and dainty. Please keep Tweedles in your prayers, she had something in her belly that had to be removed. Her family is waiting to hear what the something is. I am sure they are on pins and needles waiting to hear test results. We love you Tweedles!!

2010 Seattle Pug Rescue Pug Gala from PNW Pleasures on Vimeo.

Take care everyone!


  1. You picked the perfect music for the adorable video! It makes me wish I was a Pug so I could join in the fun.

    I hope Tweedles gets all better soon.

  2. It sounds like you all had a great time! Charlie is my inspiration - I would love to do agility one day!
    P.S. Thanks for stopping by to wish me a happy barkday!

  3. Oh, I loved the video! Thanks so much for sharing. I love that White Stripes song too.


    I will say a prayer for sweet little Tweedles. Hopefully she will be completely fine and ready for more Pug Galas.

  4. What a CUTE video and PERFECT song to go with it! Mom got all squealy when she saw Tweedles!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your fun time at the Pug Gala!


  5. This is such a cute video!
    It looks like it was a really fun event,
    and everyone had fun. I love watching pugs
    hang out together. I hope you are having a
    great week!


  6. Oh Puglette
    And you know the joy in all this was meeting you and your wonderful puggies.
    Tweedles says to moms "I want to do what Charlie does- well at least I tried."
    Charlie is the champion

  7. Thank you for posting that video!! We had so much fun at the Gala and can't wait to go back next year!!

    Lindsey from PV!

  8. Oh Puglette!!

    This video is absolutely pawsitively wonderful!!
    It gave us all big smiles!!!

    Thanks for your kind words to our Anakin Man thoughout our ordeal~he's feeling so much better~
    ~And thanks for the kind words for our dear friend Tweedles~
    We are catching up on bloggys and believe all is well with her now too!! The power of the paws and good peeps and pups!! ~Thanks for Your Kindness~
    Izzy, Josie, and Anakin Man (helldoes)

  9. Whhat a cute blog you have !
    Normal, you're a very cute little pug...

    Kisses from Nana and Uyanga in Japan.


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