February 8, 2010

Meet the Neighbors!

Hi everyone!

We have new neighbors! And guess what??? They have a pug! We had a little pug meet up in our driveway on Sunday. The neighbors are a really nice family with three young boys. Two of the boys were out walking their pug while hubby was out working on his new truck. Please meet Rex the pug! Isn't he a cutie?

Rex seemed to prefer Ollie and was so excited to play with our dogs. As you can see in these photos, lots of sniffing and tail wagging was going on. Rex has more wrinkles on his face than our two do. His face is a really cute brown color. He just turned one so he has plenty of puggy energy.

In other news, Hubby is driving a different truck. This is a bigger, semi sized tow truck. This truck has a sleeper cabin. Hubby will be driving longer distances and may have to spend the night in his truck. We got his bed all set up and will be working on getting some other homey touches set up. Charlie has a new perch in the big truck. Hubby put a blanket up on the dashboard for her. She can sit up there and watch the the scenery fly by. The defroster will keep her little booty warm! She's his real, live bobble head!

Hubby celebrated his birthday last Friday and we had a nice party for him at his mom's house. She made jambalaya and I bought a carrot cake. We had a nice time and a really yummy dinner!

That's all the news on from our house. What about you guys? Anything exciting or new happening in your house? Talk to you all soon!


  1. A new pug in the neighborhood! That is cool! I didn't know you went to work with your dad. You must have most excellent adventures.


  2. hi puglette!
    oh my gosh! rex is so cute and so lucky to be living next to you guys! how fun!
    the new truck looks exciting and fun! i like the pug perches! :)
    melanie and i will be back for the seattle pug party may 8th. i just booked our plane tickets. :) i hope we will get to see you to give you a hug again in person.
    m & e

  3. Isn't it just swell to make new friends?
    What an adorable photo of them sniffing each other.
    And that truck is so nice! Wowee- riding in style.
    Thanks for sharing what is new in your neighborhood.

  4. How neat that you have a little pug neighbor now! I have always wanted to see what the inside sleeping part of one of those trucks looks like.

  5. You couldn't ask for better neighbors that one's that come with a pug (or a Frenchie, sorry Betty...) What a super special perch for Charlie. He must get a lotta looks from everyone. Hubby should paint a pug on his truck door or something. bol!

  6. I'm so glad the puggies have a new puggy friend. Rex is adorable -- but not nearly as cute as Ollie.

    Have fun, puggy friends!

  7. Hey Puglet, Thanks so much for the Frenchie puppy link!! They're so cute!! And the Betty look-a-like is HUGE... bol!

  8. Awww a new friend - so exciting - hope you are having lots of puggie hugs xo

  9. Ooooh I love little Puglette looks just like our Sadieblue..she's was rescued about 4 yrs ago when only 3 yrs old. She was in a cage all the time and used for breeding! She's 7.5 and so quiet unlike the other two we have. Sadie is black, Wrinkles (a gift after putting our precious Prissy down at age 20) is 7, fawn and the boss of the three. Napoleon was rescued about 6 mos ago and has settled in really well. He's what you'd call Silver..taller than the others and a jumper. I'm so happy to be following you now "Puglette"

  10. How awesome that you have a puggy neighbor! They must be good people too, then! That looks like quite a truck you pop has - you must be quite the well-traveled pug!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  11. Happy Valentines Day! (Belatedly) and love the photos! Charlie is such a doll!

  12. Jambalaya - are you anywhere near Cajun Country?
    LOL - my verification word was smush - like our doggies faces:-)


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