January 8, 2010

Vicious Pug Attack!!

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday! I hope you all have wonderful weekend plans. My plan is to stay home and recover from a wild pug attack!

Yes, I was attacked by a pug! And it was my pug, Charlie, the sweet innocent puggie you see in the header photo. HA! Looks can be deceiving.

Last night after dinner I was sitting in my comfy leather recliner playing a computer game on my laptop. Ollie jumped up to join me and we snuggled up together. I was playing a hidden object game and sometimes I need to use my reading glasses and hold my laptop kind of close to my face. So there's the setup, me and Ollie all snugly and my laptop on my chest / lap, all warm and cozy. So cozy, I started to doze a bit.

The next thing I know Charlie had jumped on my lap and starts zooming up my chest and shoulder to sit on the top of my chair. And she needs a nail trim! Owwie! Now remember, Charlie is an agility dog, so when she wants to jump and run she can really pour it on.

Charlie made it to the top of the back of my chair, but with her full speed momentum she caused the chair to get out of balance. The recliner started to lay back and just kept going. Ollie is flying, my laptop is flying and worst of all, I am flying backwards! Charlie jumped off the chair when it started to go over but Ollie landed on my tummy...Ooff! My laptop landed on my face, with the corner going right into my eye socket.

I screamed and hubby jumped up to help right my world. I handed him my laptop while hollering "My eye!" "My eye!" "My computer poked my eye out!" Poor hubby was trying to calm me down and get the chair back on its feet. I was flat on my back with my feet up in the air. I was looking up at my pink slippers thinking "How the heck am I going to get back up!?" Do I roll over and off the chair? But my sweet hubby had other ideas and started pulling on the arms of the chair and got it and me back up.

Back to my eye, I was still freaked out that I really had hurt my eye. It was all blurry and sore. Hubby informed me that the blurriness was due to the blood running out of a nick and a blood blister. (Sorry if this is too gross!) After cleaning up the blood and a good look at the damage, all I had was a small cut and the blister. By the time I woke up it had calmed down to a lovely bruise in the outside corner of my eye. It looks like I went a bit heavy on the dark purple eye liner.

Charlie and I made up later in the evening and even resumed our normal night time snuggling. However, when she tried to jump up on the back of the chair again, she was soundly told NO! Hmmm...now that I think about it, I think she tried to attack me again while I was trying to fall asleep! I remember she stuck out her paw and tried to poke me in the eye...again! She sleeps on my pillow every night. Maybe she is hatching an evil plot???

Have a great weekend everyone. And don't turn you back on your pugs!


  1. Ah, yes.... Frenchies have been known to attack in the same way. Not that I know from personal experience (ahem....).

    Brutus the Frenchie

  2. Little innocent Charlie can make some real entertainment!
    We are happy that no one got hurt! We can just see pugs flying and jumping and chairs tipping over and cats (if you have cats) going up the curtain.
    That is enough excitement for a nite, now it will take a week for your eye to get better.

  3. I never turn my back on my diva - she is always up to mischief. Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh gosh, the image you painted is cracking me up! I am very glad that your eye was not seriously injured though.

  5. Wow! What an exciting story. Glad that you are OK. Sounds to me like it was the computer that attacked you and not poor innocent Charlie.


  6. Not more computer related injuries!
    And I thought it was puggies that were supposed to be prone to damaging their eyes!

    I think you should just try and fool everyone that it's eyeliner like you say- New Year, new makeup routine :>

  7. Oh NO! Charlie, what has gotten into you?!

    I'm glad you are mostly OK. And thank goodness your computer wasn't damaged.

    But . . .


    He's OK, isn't he????

  8. Wow, we've never heard of a pug moving that fast, at least in our house! Thanks for the great laugh (sorry it was at your expense) bol!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  9. Interesting story! I am glad you are ok. The picture you made is very funny and scary. Maybe Charlie will turn into an angel next time.

  10. hi puglette!
    oh poor baby! ouch! yes, sometimes our puggies mean well, but cause all sorts of chaos! :)

    i am so glad you eye was not seriuosly injured.



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